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"Traditionally Contemporary", a self-coined phrase, one would christen architect Girish Doshi's work even if its for the sake of stylistic distinction. Swarthy and spectacled, this mid 40’s man from a student of BKPS College of Architecture to his current status of a creatively acclaimed architect has come a long way. Two celebrated awards namely, JK Cement Architect of the Year and AESA award along with popularity amongst student for ferrocement experimentation and worthy reputation to protect amongst professionals, Girish Doshi surely has a lot to say... and do. But more in terms of his work on the drawing board than just words. A straight-line fanatic with a fettish for angular intercessions, most of, speaks of Spartan geometric austerity in volumes, literally. Each composition unfolding the interior spaces to counterbalance the clients requirements and designer’s dreams. Even his own studio seems to compel you to take a second look as the voluptuousness of white contrasts with the free flowing lines and curves that people his office. 

  Keynoting on the ‘courtyard planning’ concept he certainly has his equation of contemporary + heritage = localism correct. Thus climatic and cultural assimilate into one’s home where visual may or may not happen, just the surprise elements in his creation, from a miniature Jurassic park (even a Tex) atop V.K.Shah’s terrace, the boisterous yin-yang symbol on musician M.K.Dedhiya’s lobby floor or the way the sun’s earliest rays purify the room in Anuj Gandhi’s little haven at break of dawn. Colours are his passion but to a point of sensuality and not vulgarity, as he says “ a red looks best where it’s supposed to and not anywhere.” Humane dwellings are his forte, to create a sense of space and style as form and function go hand in hand. Already a local heavy weight who has worked with the likes of master architect B.V.Doshi and Christopher Benninger, his lines will go a long way...