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A wise man once said that by living alone one becomes mentally stronger and more responsible..what he forgot to add was that you learn to be more patient and tolerant. Obviously he had never been on a flat search in Pune before. A flat search is a part of life which everyone has to face at some point or the other. I like many other college students had to face this situation at a pretty early stage in life. It all started of when my hostel in charge told us that we had to leave as the hostel was being shut down due to renovations. It was then that I with my teenage adolescent mind decided to take on the world and go flat hunting.

               After inquiring from all my friends if they knew of any place for me to move into, I decided to hit out on the most obvious option---the classifieds. Being a college student I obviously had a very limited budget and the price of real estate nowadays didn’t really help my cause much. As I went through the newspapers I realized how difficult the task was going be to look for a place which is centrally located and most importantly affordable. After listing down all my possible flat options I finally decided to start calling them up. It was then when I heard of the words 'agent fees' and 'deposit' for the first time. It was frightening enough for me to have to pay the rent and the bills, but to have to shell out extra money for the agent and the deposit didn't digest too well with my pocket. Somehow I was able to find some places which miraculously fit into my budget. I then decided to go with my agent to these flats, it was then I realized as to why they actually fit into my budget. Most of the houses looked like the remains from the Jurrasic park era and those were the more pleasant ones.         

As I went flat to flat facing culture shocks which were too much for an 18 year old to handle, I learnt how difficult it was to be an adult in today's world. I almost gave up my search till finally god decided to smile upon me and make me come across a place which I could stay without having to worry about being invaded by the Zee horror show crew. This place had everything I wanted.... so it seemed. I came across what you may term as the landlord from hell. Besides the fact that he hated college students and non-Maharashtrians, he wasn't too impressed with my Metallic 'metal up your ass' t-shirt and my torn jeans. I knew from then on that it was not going to be easy to convince him that I was the right one for his flat. Even though I was rejected the first time I was convinced that this was the flat for me. After sitting and planning as to how I was going to go about convincing him to let me rent out his flat, I finally came with the only solution….I would have to go down on my knees and beg and plead for the flat. 

I went back to him in my best formals ,clean shaven and with probably the most depressed and miserable face on this side of the planet. As I met him again I told him how sad my situation was and how desperate I was. After hours of groveling and begging I finally convinced him to let me stay. Just when I was basking in my glory after convincing him, he then told me about his various rules and restrictions. At that point I felt that joining a monastery probably was a better option. But I guess beggars cant be choosers .Today its almost been a year since I have been staying in this flat and I have somehow managed to work around the rules with my landlord and things are going quite well at present. And now when I sit back and think about the entire experience ,I realize that although it was probably the most exhausting time in my life it has like all of life's little adventures helped me grow to be a more developed individual and prepared me for the bigger adventures which I will be facing later on in life.