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It’s the perfect way to dress up your boring interiors!  

Make a case against plain pillowcases and boring bolsters by covering them with colorful, expensive and seasonal covers. It takes minimum sewing skills to tie, zip, lace and button linens over existing pillows.

 If the napkin is sheer or the pillow underneath will peak out, make sure the pillow is pretty. Tack double-faced ribbons and at the center of each of two dinner napkins. Make sure the pillow inside co-ordinates, as it will peak out at the open edges.  

Two napkins laced together with a cord cover a pillow form that’s slipped inside just before lacing is complete. Choose cording that fits  both the weight and design of the napkin. And size of the openings. Dip the cord ends in glue and let them dry, then cut them at a diagonal to make lacing easier. Tie the ends in a knot or in a bow.


A zipper in a contrasting color adds a fun and functional stripe down the center of a sheer cover. To avoid distorting the fabrics pattern match the zippers weight to the weight of the napkins. Choose a zipper two or more inches longer than the napkin so you'll have enough tape at each end of the zipper to turn the raw edges under. This varies a bit from traditional zipper insertion techniques - in this case you want the zipper and tape to show.

Cover a large, plain pillow with a small highly patterned napkin for a bold bright look. To make the large pillow, match and pin the outer edges of two matching napkins wrong sides facing. Sew along the hemline stitching, leaving an opening for turning. Slip the pillow from inside, and then continue stitching to close the opening, Make more than one topper for quick changes and easy laundering, or to give pillows a seasonal touch.