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Ramesh Builders is a renowned name in the real estate market of Pune. Within a span of 30 years, they have managed to change the landscape of all the projects they have undertaken, with their record of quality and excellence in construction.

The Flagship Company of Hermes Group, Ramesh Builders have carved a niche for themselves. Beginning by undertaking construction of essential premises, factories and housing, they progressively expanded by undertaking construction projects as developers of real estates covering prime areas in Pune and Mumbai.

The Hermes Group along with Ramesh builders has constiuent units like Ramesh Builders (India), Ramesh Builders (Pune), Hermes Developers, Hermes Agencies and Thakkar Developers. The Hermes Group of construction belongs to the ‘ THAKKAR GROUP’ comprising of Thakkar brothers Mahesh N. Thakkar, Mathuradas Thakkar and Ramesh N. Thakkar, ably assisted by the technocrat administrator Ketan Ramesh Thakkar.

From individual buildings, bungalows, townships with amenities like swimming pools, shopping complexes and clubhouses, they have achieved a record of 22 completed projects, making every aspect of living comfortable.

Forty years of hands-on experience in design, layouts, construction and marketing of residential and commercial complexes have made them a renowned name in the markey.

A large residential cum commercial complex spread over an area of 26 acres has more than 800 satisfied families living in harmony, celebrating all national festivals in union. It houses 42 completed residential structures and 3 Business/ Commercial Centres.

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